1. The Family Matters Foundation is a registered organization. We believe that the family is the foundation of every community and as the family goes and is so the society goes and is.
  2. We are focused on raising Godly value-based families led by divine principles that enable families to flourish at all levels. 
  3. We operate from Kenya.


A Safe Stable and Prosperous community made of strong thriving godly families blessing generations


The Family Foundation preserves and promotes the family as God’s foundation upon which stable and prosperous communities and nations are built.


  1. Human life, from fertilization until natural death, is sacred, and the right to life is fundamental to all other rights.
  2. Marriage, as a lifelong union between one man and one woman, is an institution of God and a foundation for civil society.
  3. Gender, beautifully expressed as either male or female according to God’s immutable design, is an important biological and social reality that must be respected by all.
  4. Parents are ultimately responsible for the care and well-being of their children and should therefore be free from intrusive government involvement.
  5. The right of conscience and the right to practice faith according to personal convictions are sacred and should not be denied or infringed.
  6. The role and jurisdiction of government are clearly prescribed by our Constitution and consequently should be restrained from excessive involvement in the lives of citizens.
  7. Human exploitation, in its various forms, is wrong, and governments have a legitimate/important role in curbing these abuses.


  1. Engage, organize, and empower like-minded believers to impact culture and public policy, one church and one community at a time.
  2. Inspire and resource pastors and ministers to preach on the whole counsel of the Word and speak about the sanctity of the family unit.
  3. Train individuals to be thoughtful, biblical worldview champions in their families, schools, neighborhoods, and in churches across the nation.
  4. Pray for families, churches, and all those in authority and for our culture.
  5. Provide social humanitarian support to needy families and individuals


  1. To see the community leadership and members jointly champion value-based godly families
  2. To inspire and equip all members in the community and churches with a godly and authentic perspective of the family unit and their roles in building safe stable and successful families.
  3. To network with legitimate institutions, organizations, and governments on issues that safeguards the wellbeing and enhances the thriving of family institutions
  4. To provide training, capacity building, and advocacy for the sustainability and defense of the families 
  5. Raise and solicit for funds and other appropriate resources that will safeguard the welfare and health of the families
  6. Set up family matters training and resource center to cater for mentorship guidance and counseling services for all.
  7. Develop and initiate poverty eradication and environmental management programs for effective living in the communities.


  1. Inspire leaders, Couples, Ministers, and legislators to engage in meaningful conversations and productive actions that advance biblical principles in the community and nation.
  2. Incorporate the unique, God-given passions of individuals and organizations into the work, thereby increasing the number of partners.
  3. Initiate carefully chosen political and cultural engagements that prompt a necessary change in family matters arenas.


Dr Stanley and Margaret K Kamau
The Founder Directors

Bp. Dr. Patrick and Hannah M. Mungai
The Patron and Board Advisor

Julius and Faith Murage
Spiritual Development Director

Isack and Jane Mwangi
Community development Directors

Samuel and Leah Njenga
Social Economic Directors


Donate to the Family Matters Foundation to support our vision of building a safe, stable, and prosperous community made of strong thriving Godly families blessing generations.

Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) Eastleigh Branch Account: 1276639309
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There are two ways to reach out to Family Matters Foundation: You can contact us directly via the contacts below, you can fill the form, and we will reach out to you ASAP.

Dr Stanley K Kamau
Executive Director and Founder
Phone: +254 722 673 079
Email:  [email protected]